Baby blankets

I can’t remember the last time I made a crochet baby blanket. I started this one about 2 weeks ago, as it was a request and I forgot how much I enjoy making these.

The pattern is a lacy star blanket, which will eventually have a pretty blue edging.

The original pattern uses DK wool but I plumped for 4ply to make it that little bit lacier, I will probably add more rounds than the pattern called for originally to make it up in size, but fortunately it works up fairly quickly.

This was the blanket after about a week. The pattern is really easy to remember so I’ve been able to slot in a few minutes before school and work and then get some more time in after work too.

Sometimes these kinds of patterns don’t work out as good for me because I crochet left handed, or I go clockwise instead of anti clockwise (I’m actually not even sure whether that’s a left handed thing or just a me thing) I am self taught, back in the days when you tube crochet videos weren’t really a thing. So sometimes the stitch count can get a little muddled, but it looks OK so far and nothing a few increases or decreases wouldn’t sort out.

This is my progress to date, it doesn’t look very big on the picture but it’s quite sizeable, I think I’m going to do three or four more lots of the Eyelet rows before I start the blue edging.

I’m hoping to get it finished within the next couple of days and then posted off to the United States. Unusually for me the lady who purchased the blanket requested updates, I’ve never really had a customer ask for this before but I suppose it’s nice that they can see how things are made and how long the process takes.

This week we will be having lots of half term adventures, I have a week off work and I’m determined to make the most of every minute, today started off well, my youngest boy was lately moved up a group in his swimming lessons but was upset because there were no spaces in the other group, this week there was a space and he did so well. I’m looking forward to more achievements. I think we are planning a visit to the seaside on Monday. Hopefully the weather will stay nice so we can sneak a bit of walking in and maybe some barbecues too!!!

Have a lovely weekend

D x


Be kind

May is one of my all time favourite months, like ever!! My eldest sons birthday is in a few days and I am looking forward to celebrating.

Last week he had his first sleepover at our house. I was quite tentative and thought that there would be mess everywhere but this is what I found when we woke up 👆 not even much snacking had taken place.

I think the whole thing unnerved Mr snake and bear who was his usual shouty, awful self on the Sunday when said friend had gone home. He had an argument with me about some thing silly and then of course followed up with the rest of the uncalled for behaviour. The mood swings and awful behaviours are the worse thing about HD. I’m sure I’ve said this before. We have gotten to the point where he is unreasonable at just about everything and when he gets mad about something he often follows this by showing aggressive behaviour. He chucked the food in the picture above all over, chucked washing all over the bedroom and shredded toilet paper and chucked it all over in the bathroom..

Years ago I used to argue back and get very upset. Now I just resign myself to it and make sure the kids are OK. Years ago I used to clean the mess up, now I leave it for him, so that he can see what he does in anger. I never get an apology or even any form of acknowledgement that he’s behaved totally out of order.

The follow on to these aggressive outbursts is to receive silent treatment. He will not speak to me, will not look at me, will not answer when I ask him questions and this can go on for days and weeks at a time.

People who have never lived with Huntingtons don’t really understand, they don’t understand how hard it is to pretend everything is fine when it’s not. They don’t understand how lucky they truly are and how it’s not OK to just say “all men are like that”. No, actually they aren’t All like that, it’s not normally behaviour, and it hurts even more when you say something so dismissive like that. No one is asking for attention or sympathy, just a little understanding that the fact your fella hasn’t called you gorgeous or phoned you more than once a day isn’t really a crisis to us.

We all have our ways of coping, I started knitting this pretty little thing, it’s a vintage pattern I found on etsy. I used the colour ‘mushroom’ by style craft which was some wool I had left over from a previous order. The size is 18 inches which I think is possibly up to 6 months?! Maybe even 6-12 months. Who knows?!

Ive started the back since taking this picture, I’m undecided about whether to leave it plain or add some fru fru to it. Those spanish style outfits with ribbons and bows and lace galore seem to be all the rage these days.

Have a lovely weekend and one small piece of advice, be kind to your fellow man, you never know who needs a smile or kind word the most x


Bank Holiday adventures

This bank holiday, to blow away the cobwebs we visited the majestic Hardwick Hall. This is the iconic home of bess of Hardwick, who during the time she lived was quite a remarkable woman!!

She was born in the 1500s and through successful marriages she climbed through the ranks of nobility to become a countess and the second wealthiest woman in the country (Elizabeth the 1st was the richest). She lived well into her seventies and also had 6 children survive to adulthood. Her fourth marriage to the Earl of Shrewsbury was not a happy one and it seems that whilst in their care, Mary Queen of Scots played husband and wife against each other and may have been the cause of the rift.

Bess built ‘New’ Hardwick Hall in the latter stages of her life, and was also owner of Chatsworth House.

Ruins of the original hall still survive on the estate and both can be visited. We were lucky during our visit to have glorious sunshine!! There were also many visitors which was a pleasant surprise, but it wasn’t so overcrowded you couldn’t see anything.

I love architecture it fascinates me. Bess was a great lover of architecture herself and the use of materials is very extravagant and shows the extent of her wealth. When her 4th husband died, Bess’ annual income was around £60,000 equivalent to around 18 million pounds a year today. Imagine how nice that must have been. During her lifetime Bess kept extensive accounts and inventories which still survive today and are mostly kept at Chatsworth. They have given historians great Insight into what her life would have been like. Bess was known to be very generous to her workers and donated large amounts to charity.

The close up above shows her coats of arms.

This is a portrait of the lady herself!! The hall in which you enter today would have been the servants quarters and kitchen area in bess’ time. I love all the oak panelling throughout the house.

This was possibly my favourite room, which is where all the inventories and household accounts were kept. Its wall to wall with those little draws!! Reminds me a little of olivanders shop from the Harry Potter series, I wonder if this is where they got the inspiration from? The boys weren’t so impressed as I was, I don’t even think Mr snake and bear bothered with this one, he likes to visit places but not to spend time looking around like I do.

Here’s bess in her younger days, she’s thought to be in her early thirties hear, the same as me, although I’m not as rich lol.

The gardens had lots of lovely yew trees and topiary. This one looked like it belonged in a fairytale adventure. I had to sneak some pics of the boys in because they didn’t want their picture taken.

We called these the umbrella trees. I’d quite like some in my garden with table and chairs and fairy lights, it would look pretty magical.

There was lots more exploring and having fun. Afterwards we had planned on visiting sherwood forest but by the time we got there it was very late and the car park allegedly shut at 5pm (it didn’t). So that will have to be an adventure for another day!!

I’m currently finishing off two rompers to go to their forever homes, the bobble romper seems to have overtaken as the most ordered on just recently.

I also had to frog this, it was massively too big so I will have to wait and order in some 4ply yarn instead of DK for a smaller version.

Now it’s summer I will be hoping to use up various odds and ends in bright colours on fun projects…. I have no idea what those projects will be yet but fingers crossed Pinterest will have some inspiration for me. I seem to spend more time on there looking for projects than I do actually making them lol.

Hoping you all have lots of fun adventures too x


Mothers day

Yesterday started off awful and ended on a high note. Mr snake and bear was in full fettle, managed to get angry because he couldn’t spread some margarine on his toast, unpleasant words were said, shouting ensued and he threw away some of my house decorations.

I took the boys to my mums, we have celebrated in the past by having a little jaunt out around the area where we live, the Lincolnshire wolds which is an area of outstanding natural beauty and probably one of the best kept secrets!!

Thorganby is where my paternal grandfather was born and raised, when we were younger he often used to take us out in the car and says he was born under a fabled oak tree near the farm (I’m descended from a long line of farming folk). I’m not sure how much of this is truth or fiction but we went to pay homage none the less.

The area is full of the most amazing churches and quaint little houses. The houses in the village of hatcliffe all have little bridges to get to them as you have to cross over a stream.

We had a short lunch break and then headed over to willingham woods which is near Market Rasen. There are lots of woods and walks in the area, with the wolds way and the viking way. The history of the area is quite vast and evidence has been found of human habitation since known human habitation. Often on these walks you come across the remains of barrows or deserted medieval villages.

Willingham woods is no exception, being home to a medieval moated hermitage, there are also the ponds which were once part of willingham Hall, now long gone (it was left to ruin). The woods are a popular stop off point for bikers – it seemed like almost every biker in Lincolnshire was there to be honest. They have a kiosk which sells food and drinks, a large parking area, and picnic area.

There are also leaflets with varieties of walks on at the notice boards.

I think they must do a lot of Bush craft activities as we saw lots of ‘dens’ as we were walking.

It was a nice way to finish a day that had started not so good. The boys were tired out by the time we went home so we all watched Avengers together. I’ve never really watched the films before but I really enjoyed black panther and this one was good too.

Hope you all had a nice weekend whatever you were doing!


Interesting things

Today I was back at my old place of work for a few hours. I was a bit apprehensive to go back but I said I would go and show my face because my old manager is on holiday and his boss has some personal family problems, he’s had to fly out to South Africa which is where his family are from. I went to pick some paperwork up but the office was in a complete state as they have been painting and everything was literally thrown into the middle of the room.

I met a few old colleagues and had some nice chats, I sorted some problems. Then the interesting thing happpened, they asked me to come back, strange how that happens!

I must admit it has turned my head a little. I’m quite tempted! I guess I will send them my cv and if they want to keep in touch they can.

The universe works in strange ways!


I finished the jacket

So i did get the jacket finished after all, its really cute!! Its photographed here with a merino pixie bobble hat and it reminds me so much of Peter rabbit!! I still haven’t blocked it so you can see the pockets are a little mis aligned where i got one front bigger than the other, but after sewing it up, it doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as i thought it would!! Phew! Happy to add this as a new listing in my etsy shop

Im also working on some crochet designs, im not normally a big fan of crochet clothing (as in baby clothing) but these are going to be super cute. Well, i hope they will be anyway!!

Life at home is getting harder and harder trying to deal with mr snakes illness. Sometimes he can be quite nasty in the things he says and aggressive because hes frustrated. Just lately hes taken to having outbursts, then going days without speaking to me, sometimes i feel like everything i do or say irritates him and sometimes he will say things that are so ridiculous i cant even understand. Last week he had a choking fit and whilst choking on some food (quite common) he spilt some on the sofa, he got in such a rage about it too. A week later and hes only just speaking to me. Its so sad to see him like this and also desperately lonely at times. I blame myself all the time. I shouldnt do, but its hard not to.

Nobody tells you when a loved one gets ill, especially a mental illness or an illness that affects their brain how much of a struggle it can be.

Its a good job i have these two to keep me in check!


King cole book 8

I was placing a yarn order the other day and decided to make an impulse purchase of this pattern book. Ive long admired the king cole baby books but never actually bought one.

I decided to have ago at one of the patterns, ive been quite keen as they are all so lovely!!

Heres where ive got to so far

The yarn isnt king cole its hayfield baby dk which i had spare from a blanket i made. To be honest, its not a yarn i would use on a regular basis, i have a feeling its going to do some serious pilling when its been washed. It certainly doesnt feel as nice to knit with as other budget brands such as stylecraft.

The pattern itself has been fairly easy to follow, if a little vague at times (hence why i have one side longer than the other) the chevron pattern looks pretty and its only a series of knits and purls. Other than the vagueness of the pattern at times, the only other thing i was a bit disappointed with was the sizes, which were written in inches and cm but with no guide for age ie, no 0-3 months etc. That would have made things a bit easier. All in all though, im pretty happy with the purchase. There are several cute designs that will transition through spring to summer and everything is dk.

Im hoping once ive done a little blocking it will even out a little. Otherwise i may have to re knit one of the sides but i can see this being a staple favourite once ive knit a few up. I think it would look nice in a marled colour, so i might try some of the stonewashed or batik styles yarns next.