It started with the peas…..

So, it’s the first day of 2017 and we’ve already lived through our first meltdown of the year. Like a burst balloon at a birthday party. 

What started off as the finale to tea preparations ended up in a storm. That’s what happens you see, when you have to live with HD (Huntington disease). I’d asked Mr snake & bear to put the peas on – he was hovering in my kitchen whilst I was cooking, so for his safety and my peace of mind he set too (I am one of those too many cooks spoil the broth sorts and can’t stand kitchen invaders). So, out come the peas from the top cupboard, Mr snake and bear manages to slip, and a glass breaks. All over the side. Mr snake and bear is a little shocked, and I’m well, to be honest a little shouty and stressed – I get like that sometimes y’know. So, there I am picking pieces of glass out of a dinner plate and contemplating whether there is enough mash left in the pan to go round again, when “bang” Mr snake and bear decide’s it’s a good time to wash the dog bowls out. Dog water gets splattered everywhere, and eventually the bowl gets dropped in the sink. I gasped. OK. Well maybe I shouted, and that was the end of that. Refusal to have tea (which despite the odds was yum by the way). Kitchen ends up trashed. And a fuming silence ensues. Meanwhile, I’m trying my best to lighten the mood.

Huntingtons is a vile disease, it affects people in many different ways. We had the diagnosis two year’s ago now and I ended up having a mini breakdown. I never thought that in my early 30s I’d be facing such things. I still try and convince myself that we’re a “normal” family, when it’s painfully obvious we’re everything but!!

So what doed one do when faced with the trials of HD? 

This mama took little snake and little bear to bed. We sneaked chocolate, read stories (flat Stanley for bear and the snow spider for snake). I discovered I’m terrible at Welsh accents. No dramas. No fuss. Just normal bedtime loveliness.

Mr snake and bear headed off to work under his cloud of thunder. 

I ate chocolate, wayyyyyyy to many choccies and thought about knitting my first pair of socks!! 

My advice for 2017 is when faced with unpleasantness one must create an over balance of loveliness to neutralise the effects. Or maybe a large glaas of wine does the trick!!

Goodnight my loves,

S&B xx

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