Blowing away the cobwebs

Today we had a lovely adventure. We took snake and bear for an afternoon ramble. We are very lucky as we live near to the coast and in glorious countryside. Best of both worlds!!

Anyway, today we went to feed the ducks 

Turns out, snake is petrified of geese and wouldn’t come near them when we was feeding them. Just in case he got eaten or something?! I managed to get in an extra 4, 000 is steps on the old fit bit counter!! Which was a huge bonus and good because we finished up our afternoon with fish and chips at our fave local restaurant.  It was pretty busy too, but the boys were excited because we got to sit in a ‘booth’. All the cool kids do 😏

Waiting with anticipation for a book about pom poms I ordered  (I know right? !) I ordered it aaaaggeeessss ago so I’m really hoping it arrives next week. I have been adding to my second make of the year, on Thursday my smooshy new yarn arrived, in mustard no less, so I got to cast on a new kalinka romper which was ordered from my etsy shop. I also ordered sock yarn which I will post more about in the future. One of my new year promises to myself was to learn how to knit socks. I see so many amazing pics of socks and sock wool on insta all the time that I need to try this for myself!! 

Have a lovely evening x

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