Rage Against everything…

What a toughie of a day!! Nightmare at work, whereby I found myself coping the flack for someone else’s monumental cock up. Not once but twice. Said person then had the bareface cheek to phone me and try to have a go at me for their mistakes. Some serious rage went down I’m telling you. Then my new boss tries to diffuse the tension by telling me Fridays are now going to be ‘clean down fridays’ – not fun fridays – not fat fridays – not even let’s go home early because it’s nearly the weekend friday – CLEANING Fridays. Who does that I ask you? 

OK so, ten deep breaths later, and maybe (alright most definitely) a strong coffee later, I had an emergency come pick your child up from school call. Thankfully he’s OK. 

So, good points from the day thus far (and by this time it’s only 1pm) is I had another new etsy sale — wahoo *insert happy dance* and I didn’t cry or kill anyone yet. Oh and my mahoosive clothes order for the boys post Christmas growth spurt arrived yusssss!!

So this is what’s been taking etsy by storm ::

Hand knit sweet hearts romper 🙂

Which sold almost as soon as it was listed. 

I also went food shopping after work, and treated myself to new pillows and these :: 

£3.75 for the set!!! Which I thought was a bargain and they accidently on purpose just fell into the trolley. 

My truama continued when I got home, by this time it’s 7pm. I’m tired.I’m hungry and I have shopping to unpack. I was met by a barrage of why haven’t you done this/that/the other, why have you bought this/that/ the other etc etc. It wasn’t my finest hour, and I may have been slightly snappy and waving a garlic bread stick around I an maniacal fashion at this point. Poor Mr snake and bear.

Anyway, he got shirty and mardy and I ate more than I should have, drank coffee and watched eastenders upstairs. We haven’t spoken since.

I’m now going to road test new face creams and pillows with a freshly made bed and a good book.

Hopefully next time I post there will be not so much rage 

Goodnight loves xx

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