I can’t decide which buttons…..

Hey lovelies!

Had a bit of an up and down week this week. It was madly snowing this morning, I thought that it would be really bad as I was scabbling about in my pjs and work boots this morning trying to put the bins out. My dog thought he would take advantage of my morning head and tried to escape, he got as far as next doors garden and decided the snow was too much now. Thank goodness!! We weren’t hit hard with any snow though it had petered out by the time I dropped snake and bear off at shool. 

Because of the weather I finished work early so I was able to finish off this order :: 

The mustard yarn is possibly my favourite colour yet!! Trouble is now I’m not sure what colour buttons to go with? Natural, navy, brown?  Need to make a decision so I can send these off to their new home 😊

I have another 2 rompers to start this weekend and 2 to post out. So busy busy busy!! Plans for the weekend also include dying my hair. I bought a new colour I’m really excited about called metallic silver steel. It’s grey but with blueish tones so I’m hoping it looks really awesome. If it turns out well I may even post the results for you.

Have a great weekend lovelies xx

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