The start of something new

I cast on my first ever sock today!! Im only 8 rounds in and I think I might be addicted already. 

It was a bit tricky at first, I’ve never knit with dpns before so it was hard to hold them and knit at the same time but a few you tibe videos later and now I’m whizzing round. Probably should’ve invested in some stitch markers too but I was far too excited for that!! The wool I’m using is called sirdar heart and sole and it comes with a pattern for socks on the ball band which is what I’m using. It was fairly inexpensive yarn (I didn’t want to spend big bucks on something I might not be able to do) but it still feels quite soft and nice to knit with. I must admit I’m already looking for sock yarns in amazing colourways and I haven’t been disapointed! My gosh there are so many. It’s quite possible I may knit a pair of socks a month and everyone can have socks gifted to them this year for Christmas. Lol.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now but my knitting took a back seat for quite a large portion of last year as I had a breakdown and suffered the onset of depression. 

At least I will soon be able to say that it’s one crossed off the list. My other big project I want to have a go at this year is a pair of Norwegian mittens. But hopefully by the time I’ve knit a few more socks I’ll be a dab hand knitting with dpns!!

The yarn itself is an absolute beautiful colourway. It’s all shades of blue so it’s like knitting an ocean sock!! It’s pretty fascinating too watching the Colourway beginning to unfold, it magically erupts into the most amazing hue shifting stripes – I’m really mesmorized!!

Our hospital appointment went OK yesterday, but I think I’ll write that adventure up for tomorrow. Today is all about the socks (or the beginning’s of socks at least!) 

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