First socks update

So here’s the progress I’ve made so far on my first ever pair of socks. It’s slow going as I’m picking up and doing the odd rows here and there between other projects. 

Here’s a closer view of the heel. That’s right I’ve finally been able to say “oh I turned the heel” it wasn’t as hard as I was anticipating to be honest so I think I will definitely get better with a bit of practice. 

I’m absolutely loving this colourway it’s really lovely. Normally I steer clear of many blue things because I have 2 boys so it’s blue overload. This isn’t little boy blues though, it’s tropical oceans, dreamy sea holidays kind of blues so I’m totally in love of course. 

This is the section I’m not happy with. You see the weird stitches were I’ve transitioned between the two  needles? I’ve never had that before, and it only does it on this section too not the other two join’s so I must be holding something wrong somewhere. Still, thumbs up for sock making I absolutely love love love it! I’ve already got about a hundred sock patterns pinned in anticipation on pinterest and I’ve seen some amazing yarns I want to try. So watch this space!!

4 thoughts on “First socks update

  1. Beautiful socks! Does the heel area look like loose and tight stitches? I can’t quite tell. It hardly looks like a first sock at all. One of my first socks ended up with the toes woven the wrong way:(
    There are so many fabulous sock yarns! Shopping for them is so much fun:)

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    1. Well thank you! That’s lovely to say. Heel bit is fine it’s the other bit, the stitches look bigger and gappy but it’s where I go from one dpn to another hoping one it’s blocked you won’t be able to notice

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      1. Try gently pulling your yarn on both the first and second stitch after changing needles. Just a tiny tug more than you would normally do knitting. Depending on how big the gap looks you might want to tug the third stitch too. It really is just a matter of getting used to the feel of how much you need to pull the yarn at the needle changes. I hope that makes sense:)

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