Today was my younger brothers 30th birthday. The boys were extremely excited to hold on to the balloons in the back of the car whilst we travelled to my parents house. Sadly he had already gone out by the time we got there, with our dad to watch football at the pub. 

He doesn’t like cake (not sure we’re really related) so there was none of the usual birthday spoils to enjoy. Thinking about it, we should have bought a cake and enjoyed it on his behalf! 

My parents bought him 30 presents were as we just settled for a boxset of his favorite TV series and some chocolates. Not very amazing for a 30th birthday but I’m sure he will love it.

Had a lovely afternoon at my parents house with my mum, we were checking out last minute half term holiday deals and found an amazing offer in the lake district. Unfortunately the kids voted for Norfolk.  Which as much as I love Norfolk the lake district has to be one of my favorite places in the UK. Still I’m sure it will be fab wherever we go and to be honest much needed. The children are becoming increasingly aware and unsettled at Mr snake and bears HD symptoms. Their behaviour seems to swing between extreme hyperactivity to tiredness and tears with only fighting and arguing in between. I know this is probably quite normal for children their age but I can’t help thinking that they are much more affected than we think. 

I think we all need a spell in Dr fonseca’s good karma hospital!!

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