Now, where did I put the cheese? 

I swear that if I get any more forgetful I will be able to plan my own suprise party. A few days ago, I’d been pottering about in the kitchen during the afternoon making lunch, cleaning and other mumsy stuff, later in the afternoon Mr snake and bear informs me that he found the cheese in the draw where I keep the pans. I mean what? What actually happened there?

I’m pretty wappy (yes that is a proper term for mentally unstable) most of the time but just lately I’ve surpassed myself. Today I couldn’t remember if I took my medication, I remember having a drink but I’m not sure If it was a drink because I was thirsty or a drink because I took a tablet. How do you actually forget that? 

Then today I left work and left my phone in the toilet. Not down the toilet or anything but there’s a cleaning supplies locker in there and id left it on top of there so it didn’t fall out my pocket. Happily drove to pick the boys up from childcare, then remembered that I’d left my phone. Oh flup!

I retrieved my phone in the end, fortunately I’m the only permanent female member of staff where I work so it was right where I’d left it. On top of that damn locker. 

I’m definitely getting worse! Perhaps you can get the onset of dementia in your early 30s. Perhaps my brain is shutting down and I’m slipping into the realms of stupidity. Who knows? 

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