First day of the half term holidays 

Today was rather nice. It was the first time since Christmas we all had the same time off. No school, no work. First days of half term are always fun!

We decided to brave a trip to Scarborough which is on the east coast of England, about a 2 hour drive from where we live. Scarborough is one of my favourite sea side places.

It has a castle and cute little harbour, lots of shops and amusement arcades. Unfortunately a lot of these were shut, seems like most of the UK start their half term holidays next week.

It was a tad bracing weather wise although it was a clear day. Far too cold to go exploring castle ruins or digging sandcastles on the beach.

We had our lunch here:

It was actually really nice, the kids picked it because they thought the name was hilarious. They have a point though…. I had traditional fish and chips with a pot of tea which was rather scrumptious.

We played in the amusements for a while, then on the way home stopped off at a rock shop, run by these two crazy old ladies. They were brilliant!!  I found prosseco flavoured rock too, sugar and eine all in one go, big thumbs up there. 

The boys were excited on the drive back because the waves were crashing over the edge of the promenade. Naturally we played a little game of chicken and got splashed.

All in all it was a good day out. I can’t wait to go on more adventures this week  


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