Cinema trip

Half term fun continues!! Yesterday we had a stay at home day. The hubby has been complaining of a bad back for weeks now and the long car journey on monday followed by sleeping downstairs on the sofa with the littlest small didn’t do him any favours. The boys had a day playing games mostly xbox and some star wars slash nerf gun battle that sounded pretty intense. I keep telling myself it’s not sloppy parenting if they enjoy it, but there’s an evil Instagram mum on my shoulder tutting loudly in my ear making me feel guilty for not being a super mum.

Some time in the afternoon I was pottering about doing a bit of housework and general faffing when I bent down to unload the dishwasher my own back completely went on me. Dear lord I haven’t felt pain like this since I was in the later stages of pregnancy with littlest small (my body has never fully recovered) it was that painful I had to fight the urge to vomit. I have a large pain threshold too. I mean once you give birth to a 10lb baby au natural with dislocated hips from spd there’s not a lot of things that will hurt. This does though. I’m walking like I’m heavily pregnant too. Not good. Today I thought it would be nice to take the boys to the cinema, nothing too strenuous or back hurting.

We went to see the batman lego movie, which was pretty good. I love how they always slip in some pretty adult jokes into films these days! or maybe they always did that and I just didn’t realise because I was the child then?! Anyhow, we haven’t taken smallest small to the cinema in a few years as last time we went he didn’t make it to the adverts before he got scared and started to cry. This time it was just me and the boys. We armed ourselves with popcorn and chocolate and nabbed some good midle of the row seats. Smallest small (bear) made himself quite at home and managed to sit still for the entire movie. He was pretty into it too. 

I asked the boys if we could take cinema selfies  before the start of the film but both said a rather definite no. 5 mins later big small (snake) is taking selfies and posting to Instagram. I can handle that. Not cool enough for social media these days. No biggie.

Anyway, If your thinking about going to see it its not a bad film. We had lots of fun.

Take care lovelies xx

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