Sweetheart romper

I managed to finish and take a few pics of this sweet little romper today. It’s teeny tiny and feels so strange after just finishing one in 9-12 months size. This is a really simple but cute design and the blocks of purl stiches look like little upside down love hearts!!

The little rainbow plush is my reminder to stay happy. It also does a great job at being a photo prop. The pattern is from a shop called super cute design on etsy. There are some fab little patterns that serve no real purpose except for being cute lol. 

I was panicking slightly as Mr bear knocked a cup of coffee over near this yarn, but it actually washes really well. I put it on a low delicates wash and a delicates tumble dry and it came out really nice. It’s nice to know that your hand knits can be popped in the wash, saves baby mamas so much time and effort. 

I’ve already cast on the next romper on my list, only another 6 to go. This one has a gorgeous little cable pattern down the front and looks fab. 

It’s good to have so many things to occupy your mind! I also popped an oat and linseed bread mix in the machine this afternoon, so I’ll take a trip to the shops later to get some jam and honey. I haven’t made bread in a while, I used to make it all the time, the house where we used to live got so warm you could prove the bread in the kitchen. This house is not so warm so I make a lot of bread these days in the machine. I don’t think it tastes as good as properly made bread but I’m not complaining! Since my depression began I’ve really struggled to keep interested in a lot of the things I used to really enjoy, including baking. 


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