We took the boys for a day trip to flamborough on Sunday. Well, actually we were supposed to go to sewerby hall to see the animals but someone (ahem!) Took the wrong turn so we continued up the coast instead 😊

Years ago pre children me and Mr snake and bear came here for the day. I remember it so well because at the time I was driving a little vauxhall corsa – my first car. It had no air conditioning and I remember it being like 50 degrees in the car. We had brought a little picnic with us which had melted in the heat of the car!! 

This time round it wasn’t such glorious weather. Not bad by all means, it was fairly windy and what I would call ‘bracing’ but not freezing. Anyway, if you have never been I would totally recommend visiting. We parked in the middle just at the top of the beautiful bay in the picture. I love it here because it’s full of caves for exploring especially when the tide goes out, and it leaves the most amazing rock pools. 

From this point we had the choice of walking left along the coast towards another bay and the caves (I forget what the place is called) or right towards flamborough head which has a light house. Of course the boys opted for the lighthouse path. 

The nature here is incredible all kinds of birds nest along this part of the coast including puffins  (we didn’t see any though) and there are grass snakes and all sorts. The boys are absolutely convinced they saw a shark out at sea too……I think it was more someone on a speed boat. I wouldn’t have thought you would get sharks in those  waters, maybe dolphins but not sharks. 

This was my favourite vista from the walk. The sea looked so blue.

It reminds me so much of a famous five novel, honestly thumbs up for an amazing day out if you love walking, nature and exploring.

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