Do you ever get those days when everything is just urghhhhh. So frustrating! My 10 year old has turned into a hormonal monster for the past year. About 7pm when i asked him to get in the shower he decided to tell me he can only go in it for 5 minutes because he needs to do his homework. The homework he’s had all week and not bothered with. 

I have managed to squeeze quite a bit of crochet in today though as a plus point. 

This is a romper I cast on yesterday, it’s nearly finished already!! I think I’ve made this so many times now my brain knits the pattern automatically so it’s great for mindless de-stress knitting that you can watch the telly too. 

I’m really pleased with the colour, it’s a duck egg blue but it’s really really nice. I actually want to paint my living room this colour it’s so nice! 

Something I will be hunkering down with shortly after I’ve made myself a nice cup of tea. The weather has turned really cold and rainy and horrid so I can’t think of a better way to pass the time.

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