Duck egg

Thought I’d share a quick pic of my latest romper, this one is in duck egg isn’t it a beautiful colour? 

The light is a bit dark but I’m posting it tomorrow so I won’t get chance to take anymore snaps.

Mr snake and bear is finally on a waiting list for some sleeping meds  (yay!) Hoping they will help him to relax, last night he’d slept on the sofa so he didn’t disturb me bless him. It must have been so uncomfortable for him. He’s seems to be getting less and less sleep nowadays but still carries on fresh as a daisy. Whereas I’m just in this limbo land of permanent exhaustion. 

We celebrated Mr snake and bears birthday this week too. He has not one but 3 birthday cakes. OK, strictly speaking one of them wasn’t specifically for him but still not a bad effort. I’m lucky because my boss at work brought in a cake his wife had made and then got let down with last minute. It’s really fab too, the kids said she should be on British bake off.

We didn’t really do much for his birthday except catch up with family but it was still really nice. Next year I suppose I will have to put a bit more effort in as it is the big 4-0 hopefully we will have won the lottery by this point and we will be heading off to a luxury get away somewhere, in reality we will probably end up spending a soggy weekend in Blackpool lol.

I’ve still got loads more orders to churn out before I can start on some new things. I wish I was one of these people that can churn out 5 or 6 things a month, one day my knitting game will be strong!

Anyway, best go, my dog is crying because he wants food 😐

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