Knits and books

Blimey, I don’t know whether I am coming or going these days! I managed to finish the first part of an order which has taken me forever because the black dog is in residence and I’ve lost all interest in everything. 

Im falling asleep anywhere and everywhere too. So I’m not really getting much of anything done. I did however finally finish my book I was reading. It’s by mc Beaton and it’s one of her Agatha raisin series. I totally adore mc Beaton and her novels have seen me through many a storm! I totally have misconceptions about all English villages being murderous dens of iniquity  (I also watch Midsomer murders) as I am addicted to these little crime novels. I think it’s also because from being a very young age I always wanted to live in a big country pile and sport a nice plummy accent – having tea and scones in the garden that sort of thing but it never quite panned out like that. Instead, I know it’s going to be an exceptional day if we all manage to get out of the house in time for the school run in one piece and with everything we need.

Back to the knitting, it’s a romper pattern I’ve knit a hundred times now, but this time in merino. I used drops merino and it’s lovely and soft to work with and gives amazing stitch definition. It’s one of those magical things that makes your knitting look so much neater too. The only drawback is that the yarn is a bit splitty. I always slip my first stitch to get a neater edge but it seems to make the yarn split even more. I don’t know if that’s just drops yarn though as I find their cotton the same.

I will try and check in when I can or when my body relents a bit. 

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