The weekends been a bit of a mixed bag, the past few days I’ve had the most painful mouth/head/teeth in the world. I’m not sure if it was sinus problems but I really hurt. So Saturday I mostly spent lounging around on the sofa. We had a take away for tea but I couldn’t eat it because it was awful.

I did watch an awesome programme that I’m a bit addicted too, it’s called she wolves and this week it was about isabella and Margaret two ladies who wereally married off at a super young age and struggled with power. It was quite sad really to think women werent trusted to rule. Next week I think it’s about our tudor Queens so I’m really looking forward to that one. 

I also got a free book from book bub and was pleasantly suprised that it’s quite a good read. It’s about two maids come detectives and set in the 1930s. I was really sceptical as this is the first time I have used book bub with the book being free quite honestly I thought it would be pants. It’s an easy read and passed the time away quite nicely between knitting and rugby (I’m a newly converted rugby fan)

Today I’ve been to take my mum to hospital. I never knew they held clinics on a Sunday but it’s so much better! She had to visit the eye specialist, luckily though she’s all good. Then I forced myself to go food shopping (not my favourite) and managed to spend a mahoosive amount of money. I did find loads of stuff to help my mouth though which was good and got some new hair dye. I also can 100% recommend the beauty products I bought which I mentioned a few posts ago. The lipstick is an amazing everyday colour and perfect! The eyeshadow’s work really well and are really pigmented. I use my fixing spray to dampen my eyeshadow brush before applying the more shimmery shades and it makes them so intense. I’m also in l over with the blush palettes.  I have 3 and have yet to find a shade which doesn’t look good.

I also finally managed to get my new nose jewels in (from sainsbury’s of all places) they hurt so much I’m not going to lie but they look really nice. I think the hurting was because of my nose rather than the jewellery itself. They had loads of cute designs though so something to check out if you have your nose pierced. They weren’t expensive either, the set I got was all hoops and sterling silver and was only £9 I do love a bargain!!

Cute huh? 

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