Just finished these two late last night. They’re a bit late but I hope the lady will be pleased with them.

I used drop’s merino for these two and I must say I am a new fan. The yarns itself is lovely and soft and thick and squishy. it knits up really nicely and gives great stitch definition, so I’d recommend for textured knits like this.

The only minor complaint is that I found the yarn to be a bit splitty. Which made continental knitting harder, so these have been knit English style, and yes, my wrists are not thanking me now!

Here’s my obligatory rainbow shot. Hee hee! I also made use of my new cushion. I spent some happy time last night making up thus little package whilst watching that programme about whether old celebrities could retire in India.  

I was trying to destress myself as Mr snake and bear had words with me before he left for work which made me rather sad. He’s angry I told the neurologist about his HD symptoms worsening, and as per usual has blown everything out of proportion. It’s really hard sometimes to remind yourself it’s the disease, especially as I take everything so personally. 

I’ve also got the added stress there’s a strong possibility that I will no longer have my job in a few months time. I have mused on this and my philosophy was that if it happens it happens – but then a colleague of mine was talking about it last night as I finished work and it kind of made me sad. 

Still I’m a great believer in the old adage that as one door closes another opens. 

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