New patterns

I bought some new knitting patterns the other day, hoping to get a little diversity going in my etsy shop. I’ve had a major crush on these patterns for a while now 

This cardigan is lush 😍

All purchased from one of my fave pattern sites petiteknit.

I’ve only got two more orders before I’m clear so I should be able to get some up and ready soon. 

My worse habit is buying patterns – I have millions of them, probably more than I could ever knit in a lifetime and I still keep getting more lol 

Perhaps someone should form like an alcoholics anonymous for impulse craft buyers like me. 

I’m excited for tomorrow as I’m meeting up with a relative I haven’t seen for years and I’m finally getting to meet his family. Which is pretty huge you know. We’re planning to take the kids for a walk along the beach so I hope we can collect shells and I will keep an eye out for sea glass. I’ve lived near the beach for the most part of my life and also travelled to many beaches but I’ve never come across sea glass before, I think it looks so pretty too. 

We also taking a family holiday in Norfolk this year at summertime so I may find some there. Norfolk is one of my fave places and has such an incredible history. I love all the old castles and stately homes, and have already made a hit list of ones I’d like to visit. Of course it’s quite a big list and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get round to seeing everything so that leaves room for a return visit.  

I love planning holidays x

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