Lace body dress

A few days ago I cast this beaut on

I’m only a tiny weeny bit into the lace dress part because I’m rubbish at lace patterns. You knit the body first (which is really quick and simple) and then cast the skirt part on and join them together to knit the top section. I’ve had to cast on the skirt part 3 times now….I’m not even joking. 

Here is the wool I chose 

I don’t think I’d use this again if I were to knit it again if I’m honest. Although the wool is a beautiful colour, it’s quite scratchy and not (in my opinion) soft enough for baby clothes. It may soften up a bit once it’s been washed. It does however show off the lace detail beautifully well so I can’t wait to see what it’s like when I have finished – providing there are no mistakes in the pattern lol.

It’s coming to the end of the easter holidays and the boys will be back at school on Tuesday. This time goes by so quickly!! I only wish I could take off all the school holidays to be with them and still get paid the same. Tomorrow we are going to a place called Ark zoo in Lincolnshire which I’m quite looking forward to as it will be the only day we’ve had all together properly to enjoy ourselves without the Mr or I having to shoot off to work. I’m looking forward to it. Hoping they’ll be cute baby animals to fawn over, whereas the boys are looking forward to seeing scorpions…………

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