So much has happened 

You guys…..I’ve missed so many blogging days, not intentionally I might add but because my life got in the way for a while there.

Last weekend I was busy flouncing about in a dreamy dress as my niece got married. It was such a lovely day. Of course she looked absolutely stunning too. The boys looked so handsome too in their suits. 

We also had bank holidays, half term, and all manner of exciting things going on. Mr snake has the best homework topic this term – they are leaning about ancient Egyptians – So exciting!! 

Did I also mention that I finished this little number? 

Isn’t it so prettyful? 

I managed to make the lace work (yay me) and learned how to do applied icord for the edging. I think it looks so sweet now is done. I just want to block the skirt out a tad and open up that lace work some more! I don’t think I would chose this yarn again for this project (purely because I don’t think it’s soft enough for babies) but I’m in love with this colour. Sadly they don’t do it in merino *sigh* 

I bought the pattern from ravelry and it is by pernille Larson. I wouldn’t really recommend the patterns for newbie knitters, I don’t know if it’s because it’s not been translated quite right or if the designer just presumed a degree of experience but the instructions are not as detailed as you would expect from a typical English pattern. There are also no instructions given for joining the shoulder seams – I did a 3 needle bind off, because the yarn is so fine I thought it would give a bit of added strength. But as you can see from the photo this has given them a bit of an odd shape which will need easing out a bit during blocking. 

I liked the applied I cord for the edging. It makes it look so much neater, this is the first time I used the technique but there are a few videos on you tube (with slightly varying techniques) which I found really helpful. It’s definitely something I will use again. Although it must get tedious for larger projects.

Onto my next project, which is another romper.

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