Still cracking ahead with my blanket 

I’m even being good and sewing the ends in as I go.

So far this blanket and I have binge watched 4 episodes of Versailles season 2. It’s a fabulous historical drama!! I’m pretty much in love with king Louis hair too lol.

The last four colours for this section are mint, old rose, denim and mocha. I’m not sure whether to continue with just these babies for now or delve into my stash and add some more into the mix……hmmmm. proud to say that all the yarn so far has come from the stash, No impulse yarny buys here! 

It’s amazing how quickly a crochet project works up compared with knitting. It looks a fair size already when in reality it’s only 2 nights work. I have been hit hard by  fatigue and strangeness this week. So I’ve had to really fight with myself to stay awake and do things I enjoy, or even just things. Determined to stay on top of this right now my men folk need me too much xx

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