When your children hate you 

I’m pretty sure both my children hate me today. I’m running low on patience, and all they have done is bicker and fight with each other. It’s not even funny!! It must be a full moon (I don’t know why but everytime my kids play up my mum tells me it’s because it’s a full moon) 

I am currently in between knitting projects here is a pic of my latest make::

It’s a free pattern on ravelry, the max cardigan. I made the cables just by re-arranging the stitches, no faffing with cable needles and I was pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it is as long as you’re comfortable with dropping live stitches off the needle. 

I teamed it with a kalinka romper so I could take some pics for my etsy shop here. Don’t they look cute together? 

I’m trying to build my etsy collection. Mr snake starts secondary school in September and the coach fees are £90 a MONTH so I need to start bringing in some extra funds to help ease the burden a bit. I don’t know why these things have to be so excessive, he’s not going to an amazing school either, fingers crossed for a lottery win between now and then lol 

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