Weekend doings

Arghhhhh! I’m so cross with myself. Mistakenly thought that one of my boys had his secondary school induction day tomorrow so I took the day off work. Turns out he doesn’t have it till next week. I’m sure my once well performing brain has turned to mush.

This weekend, I set to and made these crochet converse booties. I made this pattern up myself but I’m sure that there are millions to be found on etsy or ravelry.

At this point in the picture, with one lace to go, I ran out of the white yarn. Yes that’s right ran out of the white yarn. Can you see this life pattern here?!

Not one to pass up an emergency yarn shopping opportunity I fed the men folk and headed off to the shops. I restocked my white yarn and I also purchased some white yarn with sparkly shots of silver twisted in with it. I have the perfect project for this yarn —–>but we will save that for another day!

These baby kicks are for my mum to gift to her work colleague. I hope she loves them. I’ve made these so many times in various colours. I just think they’re so darn cute.

I wish I had known how to make these when my boys were small people. They would have had a pair in every colour I could get my hands on lol. I always found as a boy mama that clothing options  for boys stinks big time. You go into these shops and there’s always 6 or 7 rails of girls clothes and then a small corner for the boys. So frustrating!! 


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