Everyone’s having babies and I’m over here like “hi I knit”

So many friends are having or have had babies right now and my hormones are on over drive!! Isn’t it strange how once you know you cannot really have something it’s the thing you covet most?! So I have done what every washed up 30 something does and breaks out the knitting for small people instead.

I finished another new cardigan this weekend. 

 originally I had planned to offer this as a set with a romper, hat and sandals but when I was taking pics earlier I had the romper dress to hand and they look so sweet together. 

The pattern was an old sirdar one I found. I haven’t knit an old pattern in such a long time but my goodness this one was such a faff. Everything is knit separate including the front bands and then knit together from the yoke. It seems so backwards to me, It could have easily been knit top down all in one. I’m going to have to re-jig the pattern to see if I can make it work like that it would be so much easier. 

It looks so pretty too.

Fortunately, these days we are blessed with so many options colourwise when it comes to wool. I bet originally this kind of pattern would have been limited to pastels white or cream with a bit of a lace trim for good measure. 

It does look good in white though. 

I found the buttons in my stash that I forgot I had. I remember a while ago now I knit some cardigans for a lovely lady and she requested the flower buttons – she was very specific and at the time I decided it made sense to buy them in a random mixed pack rather than just the white ones from eBay. Glad I did it now though of course!! 

I think i will still make the hat and shoes and romper I have a feeling they will make a lovely set. 

This week I’m probably going to have to live off salad or contemplate the horror of going up yet another dress size. All in all I’ve nearly gone up two dress sizes since I was diagnosed with major depression and it sucks big time. It’s a combination of emotional eating and medication. Shame these things never give you boundless energy and skinnyness to boot. 

Your fat friend d xx


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