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Catching dreams

The kidlets finished school last week and it was me snakes last year of primary. It’s been so emotional I can tell you! We searched high and low for the perfect gift for his teacher – it had to be something special you see. I asked him if he would like me to make something and he choose a dream catcher. He said his teacher had helped him to dream big and he wanted to help her catch dreams for other pupils. He’s such a sweetheart!! 

I’ve never made a dream catcher before so I was a bit apprehensive but here is the finished design

It was made from things I already had at home (luckily because it was about 2 days beforehand) but of you want to make your own here’s how I did it ::


Embroidery hoop – I used a medium ish sized one which I bought years ago possibly from the range?! You will be able to find them online or at a local craft shop. 

Yarn- I used plain white acrylic dk yarn but use what you like or have in your stash

Ribbons – I used a variety of ribbons which I had already in my stash – lace, satin, ric rac etci wanted a variety of different textures. Again I used whites, creams and pinks and a bit of rainbow to give it a kick because that’s what I had in my stash. If you don’t have ribbon you can just use various lengths of yarn (like giant tassels) 

Crochet hook – one suitable for your yarn I used a 2mm one as that’s what my pattern called for.

Other people add feathers and beads but I just used what I had to hand.

To start with I spent ages searching for free “mandala” patterns  (which there are many) but they didn’t seem lacy enough for me, so I searched ravelry for crochet doily patterns. I used this one 

But use whatever takes your fancy. I only followed the pattern until the doily edges touched my hoop when I placed it in the middle.

To finish I crocheted around the hoop until all the wood was covered all the way round. Then I attached the doily part by crocheting in the ‘points’ of the doily of your not quite sure how to do this search up how to make a dream catcher on you tube which will give you a visual guide. Once my doily was secure I sewed in all the ends.

To finished I cut lengths of ribbon long enough to fold in half and looped them through the gaps at the bottom of the hoop in the same way you would loop a tassel and pulled them securely.

I also added a length of lace ribbon at the top to so I could hang it up but you may just want to use the hoop itself. 

Here’s a close up of the ribbons.

And voila!! Hang on your wall to make your room look pretty, gift to a friend/colleague/teacher or maybe even sell them online – whatever makes you happy. 

Mr snakes teacher loved hers and I hope it’s a gift she will treasure. 


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