My August so far

Last post I said goodbye to July and August is proving hectic! I started a new project, the shells and columns cardigan with some left over stylecraft special in the colourway sherbet. I quite like vintage patterns with a bit of a twist.

I celebrated my birthday at the start of the month. I must say for years I’ve gone without much fuss on my birthday but this year the men folk really stepped up to the mark. I got some lovely cards and gifts and we all went out for a lovely family meal. It was busy bit it was soooo nice! Nothing fancy, just a family friendly local (ish) pub which sells carvery, pizzas, pasta and burgers. Something for everyone in my little family (we are definitely not adventurous foodie types).

I finished the cardigan last week and have listed it in my etsy shop as a ready made rather than made to order. I will definitely make more in different sizes and colours if it sells.

I haven’t started anything new as we are due on holiday from tomorrow. I spent last night catching up on game on thrones (rather naughtily) so I had to clean the pets out this morning before work. I also started binge watching the series ‘reign’ on Netflix. It’s a good knitting programme. I like it even though the costumes are a bit ‘modern’ for my taste.

Anyway, hoping to be back for a chit chat soon to tell you all about our holiday adventures!


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