Mental health

When you have a mental illness and dont keep taking your medication regularly, it really messes with your life. I never realised just how ‘not together’ i really am, until my mum recently asked me if i had been taking my medication properly, she said she could tell i hadn’t. I was mardy, irritable, irrational, emotional, short tempered, exhausted, and uninterested. I struggle to hold conversations, to get out of bed and to eat properly. My brain just cant cope either and i become forgetful and absent minded.

I think im shocked that it is that obvious on the outside. I try to keep up a pretence, and thought i was doing ok at hiding things. Im not though, im crumbling more than a block of Cheshire cheese.

Sometimes you have to take comfort in the small things, like relaxing in the garden with coffee.

Or enjoying the company of family.

I may be struggling, i may not be able to juggle family,housework, illness, work, life, and love. I may not be able to concentrate on knitting or crochet for more than a few minutes, but i still appreciate all the things i do have in life. I feel so grateful that i have many reasons to keep going.


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